Alienation of Affections, a legal comedy

What would you do if your husband cheated? Would you sue for divorce? What if you love your cheating husband? What if you want to stick it to the mistress, the home-wrecker?

In the State of South Duck, adultery that breaks up a marriage is punishable by multi-million-dollar verdicts. Home-wreckers pay big fees for the marriages they broke.

“Alienation of Affections,” the second book in Portia Porter’s Family Law Series continues to educate about the ways and tricks of divorce court. A scorned wife does not want a divorce. Instead, she comes to see a lawyer with a curious request: “punish the homewrecker, and return the straying husband.”

And here is her story.

Slighted by the infidelity of Mr. Grimm, Mrs. Grimm wants to have her day in court,—a routine request for anybody coming to see Portia Porter and her team.

But Mrs. Grimm also has demands that are not so routine in a divorce lawyer’s office: she does not want to involve any lawyers.

Or to air her laundry in court.

Or to sue her cheating husband. She’ll forgive the affair, when he realizes that he loved her all along.

Impossible, you say?

Maybe not for Portia Porter and her faithful legal team. This time, they even might get paid. Or will they?

Portia Porter explains the intrigue of Judges’ Chambers and divorce court tricks. The Raccoon explains high fashion.

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Marriage?



This hilariously no-nonsense law practice guide addresses the single most important—and the most overlooked—part of lawyer’s practice: getting paid for the work. Too many law practice management books sell young lawyers on the unicorn dream of living balanced lives while doing good. Not this book. This book gives lawyers tools for keeping the doors open and a shot at paying off those pesky student loans. Laugh at Portia’s misadventures and learn how to:

  • Get paid for your work
  • Prevent grievances
  • Avoid malpractice suits
  • Weed out bad apple clients

No, there is no silver bullet. Yes, it is the sort of thing one learns by experience. Unless, of course, one gets a chance to learn from somebody else’s mistakes. Which you can, with this guide. Good luck.

Starting solo practice after law school? For the reaction of legal community, see here (light profanity warning.)


Beaver vs. Beaver, a legal comedy

Portia Porter has struck out on her own and landed her first big client: a millionaire many times over who needs a divorce. But as the billable hours and expenses mount, Portia is learning first hand how hard it is to get a client to pay if they don’t want to.

Will her tiny firm crumble under the weight of his unpaid bills? Or might the confusion and expense of switching lawyers be the leverage she needs to finally get paid?

With a biting wit, endearing characters, and a story that will leave you reeling, Beaver vs. Beaver is the quintessential legal comedy.

For law students, pre-law, young lawyers with a solo practice, and anybody who enjoys laughing at lawyers . . . I mean, legal comedy.

(a version of this story first appeared in “Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer? Tales of How Cunning Clients Can Get Free Legal Work.”)

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